Preparation for UPSC is a journey which requires immense patience and faith in oneself. Huge syllabus, unpredictable exams and long duration of cycle of CSE needs a strong grit and determination. In order to sustain such patience and faith in one’s preparation over long durations need constant approvals from self. Aspirants need a constant boost of motivation to keep themselves focussed and to prepare syllabus on time.

We believe, test series are the best method to check one’s preparation, to be focussed, to be motivated and to maintain a systematic schedule for completion of syllabus.

There is no dearth of reading material with institutes competing to offer copious amounts of reading material. One should appreciate the fact that the exam doesn’t reward reading more content but it rewards good writing. The focus of exam in the past few years has changed from specific fixed answer type questions to questions which test the understanding of concepts and ability to analyse. Aspirants should train their brain to write good answers in a short time on any topic. It requires practice.

 Through our test series modules, we provide a personalised solution to assess your answer writing skills and to hone your writing skills. We do not believe in one best answer approach but we provide personalised advice to you based on  your writing style.


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